I’ve realized that every day God gave me is a fabulous gift to start living with purpose. Follow me here as I embark on my #everydayfabulous journey.

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About SFB

This is My #EverydayFabulous Life. And You’re Invited.

I started blogging at 13 on Xanga (Remember, that website?!). I had no clue that I was creating a brand. I mean, who knew that sharing your thoughts and experiences could be the start of creating a business back then? A lot of things have changed since I was 13, but I still love to write and I still want to share my journey. Now, on top of being a writer, I’m now a, mom, and entrepreneur. I’m living an #everydayfabulous life and I’m taking you along with me.
Here on SFBtheSiren, my goal is to tell my story; find my sparkle; and let my light shine.  You can expect me to write about my faith, share style ideas and p I’m a retail maven, a social entrepreneur, a writer, and original book nerd. I’m giving all that God gave me back to him here.

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The Confidence Quest

I’m so pleased to release the Confidence Quest. This is a journey for any woman who wants to see God when she looks in the mirror. Preorder your workbook now and join the quest.



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