Let’s Fast!

As the year comes to a close, and our challenge to an end, we are going to fast for three days. From Dec. 28- Dec. 30, we are going to deny ourselves. We encountered a great reminder of the importance of fasting with the people of Ninevah in Jonah. The land was saved by their obedience to God. In an effort to get back into the good graces of God, the King ordered the land to turn their plates away. While fasting from food is not the only way that you can participate, I do implore you to deny yourself in some way.

Fasting is important, not only when you are trying to get back in the good graces of God, but as a practice of the believer. The next three days are meant to bring us to closer to the bosom of Christ by giving us a chance to deny even our deepest fleshly needs. Because I am expecting, I can’t fast from food over the next three days. I will be eating until 6 pm and denying myself from social media and games on my phone.¬†

Join us in three days of denying for Christ!



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