God still baffles me by waking me up at unusual times and allowing my mind to float all around until I come to the very place he ordains. It is 3:15. I am woke. i Am woke. i am Woke.

Physically I’m rubbing the few tears that escaped while yawning out of my eyes. Spirituality I’m trying to let the admonishment of Proverbs sink (yes, at 3am). And emotionally I am still drinking from the cup of last week’s events. Donald Trump is my president and I am woke.

Oh and did I mention, my daughter decided pre-dawn somersaults were a thing. Yeah, she has made nonstop moving a third trimester trend. So as she rolls around in my stomach, I am most assuredly woke.

All of this: my 3 AM wake up call, the yawning and subsequent tears, Trump, the baby’s acrobatics and most importantly the Word have spun me around into a figurative vertigo. Vertigo, which I had the pleasure of experiencing because of the wonder of pregnancy, is like being put on a merry go round both unannounced and involuntary. I did not intend to be woke. I did not volunteer for God to tap me on the shoulder but now that I’m up I do have a prayer. And because I don’t believe prayers are coincidental, I must believe that my 3AM experience was all for the purpose of this prayer. I will also take this time to implore you, when you are awaken and don’t know why, maybe God is trying to tell you something. Let the randomness of prayer in God sustain you. Let the 3 AM prayers maintain your faith in God.

First, Lord thank you for a sound mind and the activity of my unborn’s limbs. Thank you for allowing me to rest in your loving arms bright and early this morning. I thank you that in the darkness before dawn I can depend on your faithfulness to bring about the light of day. I wait for you, with the more trust than waiting on the sun. Jesus prepare me. Make me ready for the task of your will in me. Gather me for the glory of your son, Jesus Christ. And send me towards the mobilization of your desires here on Earth. When my eyes get heavy with the desire to slumber, wake me up and spin me in my purpose so furiously that I change directions in motivation. Let your presence be known in me and through me. Cast down every high thing that exalts itself against you, against the You in me and against the You in my destiny. Everything is a mere mist before your majesty. Your blood is the only truth in a sea of myths. It is the only real sound in a sea of dissonance. This morning, I tune into you and out of the noise that would make a 3 AM wake up call anything other than time with you. Hallelujah to the God that gifted me for his purpose. Praise be to the King who formed me in His own image. Glory to the God who changed my life.



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