Day 1: what are my priorities at the moment?

While I was blessed with a pretty serendipitous pregnancy, having my baby girl here in the world with me instead of inside of me has honestly freed me. Being a new mom has forced me to ponder what I’m doing in the world and why. Now that I have some time at home, I have privately spent the last three weeks of my life asking myself,”What defines me?”

There’s a wonderful list of questions on self discovery created by Aileen of I found this amazing blogger and the journaling resource on Pinterest. While it is meant for journaling, I figured I’d share my journey with my Sirens. Come along with me as I rediscover who I am on Behind the Siren. Today, I answer question 9: what are my priorities at the moment?

My Priorities

I love that one of the questions Aileen asked was about priorities. I am a person who has piled too much on my proverbial plate in the past. I am learning to place thing in order, especially as it pertains to what I take on. Right now my life can be divided into 4 major sections: Spiritual, Creative, Personal, and Professional. Those sections are listed in order of priority. When I have accomplished something in each aspect I feel like a better, more whole person.

So, what are my SPIRITUAL priorities?

  1. Prayer is a major part of my walk with Christ. It is something I know I have been anointed to do. One of my major priorities spiritually at the moment is preparing for 100 Days of Excellence. Spending more than three months leading prayer requires a fortified walk with the savior. This year I am starting earlier in preparation. Will you be joining us this year?
  2. The only other priority spiritually is my role as a youth leader at my church. While I sing worship at church as well, the gift of singing comes much more effortlessly than my work with the young souls. Young people are facing so many temptations and distractions that make loving God seem like it can wait. I’d like to take strides in tearing down the Kingdom of hell in my community.

What are my CREATIVE priorities?
I feel obligated to explain why my creative priorities take presidence over my personal and professional goals. My professional and personal aspirations are secondary because my creative talents are God-given. They give me the peace I need to accomplish the other tasks at hand.

  1. I have been working on a book for YEARS. My first and only priority is to complete that book this year. Pray for me lol.

What are my PERSONAL priorities?

  1. I want to finally establish a fitness and health routine. And with YouTube mommy abdominal exercises I’m well on my way. If you have any tips on facial routines or fitness regimen, let me know.
  2. Another priority is finishing some DIY projects around my home.

What are my PROFESSIONAL priorities?

Why would my professional goals be last?! Well, after the way that my life has changed in the last 18 months, I’ve learned that the heart things have to come first. I trust that if I put the things of God as priority he will put in place all the things I need for my professional life.

  1. ​Right now, my priority is making the Siren Style shop profitable and self-sufficient by summer’s end.
  2. I intend to work on my consistency with SFBtheSiren. You Sirens deserve more of me than I have given.
  3. I plan on using this summer to do some advance planning for the 2017-2018 school year.

Taking the time to actually map out what matters most has put some things in perspective. I had to really ask myself if what I was writing was paramount. With these 8 priorities listed I can now see with clarity what I need to focus on. And boy do I have work.

What are are your priorities? Let me know below!



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