Day 2: what is something that you would like to learn?


There’s a wonderful list of questions on self discovery created by Aileen of I found this amazing blogger and the journaling resource on Pinterest. While it is meant for journaling, I figured I’d share my journey with my Sirens. Come along with me as I rediscover who I am on Behind the Siren. Today, I answer question 24: What is something I would like to learn?

i wanna learn how to…

My husband bought me an acoustic guitar for our first Christmas together in 2015. Since then, my gorgeous gift has sat in closets and corners. It has been shunned to the back burners of my time. It has been a toddler distraction device. I would love to learn how to play it.

I’m not sure what inspired my desire for a guitar in the first place; maybe its my inner hippie wanting to break free. It could be the love of music and worship. Whatever the initial spark, I have been saying I wanted to learn for years.

​What lessons do you you want to learn this year?



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