My Mini’s First Ball Game

Take me out to the ball game! Take me out to the field! I took my Mini to Guaranteed Rate Field and the Orioles took the L. Kamila’s first White Sox game was a blast even though she slept through all of the home run fireworks.

I’m not a fan of sports, especially not baseball, but a day out in the sun can’t be missed these days. I wrapped my little one in our Boba wrapped and we were off. Luckily, we were seated in the shade so both Mommi and Mini was safe in the 90 degree weather. The White Sox won against the Orioles 2-5 and we got to see some excitement on the field when the coach stormed out to defend one of his players that got ejected. 

The best part of the day was the perfectly appropriate White Sox pacifier that Kamila was gifted by one of the amazing women at our church. The worst part of the day was all of the people who wanted to touch my child. Literally four people touched her head! And while everyone was complimenting her as they did it, I was so appalled that people would be so forward. One woman came out of the stall IN THE BATHROOM and went to touch her. I just stared her down. Thank God something stoped her Smh! 

I must admit, I’m a lot less snappy about people touching Kamila than I thought I would be. People are always so happy to see her, it throws me off. And they usually sneak those hands in while asking me questions that all moms are proud to answer. What is it about babies that make us swoon? Lol whatever the case, I’m glad I’ll be able to show my baby girl her first ball game experience. 

What other summer activities should I take my mini on? Where did you take your baby when they were a newborn? Comment below! Let’s talk. ​

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