I Love My Sister @Tanikiadotcom

If you have been around the Siren for a while, you’ve heard me bragging about my girl Nikki. Well, in a serendipitous and divine way Tanikia has become my sister-in-law. I know, crazy, right! Wanna hear the story? Ok, I’ll tell ya.

I’ve known Tanikia all my life. Her aunt was my mom’s roommate when they were young. We grew up calling each other cousin. As we matured, we both fell in love with writing. She started her blog, originally called Nikki and The City, a few years before I started my blog, oringinally called The Strog. In 2011, I began picking at her brain for blogger strategies and knowledge. She let me write for her blog and helped me grow my audience. Because she was so helpful, she went from my cousin to my mentor.

In 2014, Nikki got married to Stephen Carpenter (my husband’s brother). I met my husband for the first time at their wedding. Sparks didn’t fly then but fast forward a year and I hosted her book launch. It was at that event that my husband, Nikki’s brother-in-law, exchanged numbers and started our relationship. I married Anthony Carpenter on February 27, 2016. And Nik Nak, as I call her, officially became my sister. 

God is a master at design. He placed our Aunt Denise in my mom’s life so that 30 years down the line Nikki could be my mentor and 5 more years down the line she could introduce me to my husband. Now, in 2017, we’re back where we started collaborating on our blogs. It’s funny how it all works out. 
Nikki and I are hosting a summer writing challenge. The challenge starts July 1st and lasts 21 days. Check out both of our blogs to read our responses and share your own responses using the hashtags #goldenfabulous and #summer17writing.  Check out the Prompts below and let us know which is your favorite in the comments. Get on the list and get email updates all during the challenge.

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