21 Days of Summer: Day One

Whoohoo! You made it to the party! *twerks in a circle and shakes your hand vigorously* Welcome to Day One of 21 Days of Summer. My sister @TanikiaDotCom and I are so excited for the responses to this challenge. So, enough of the preliminaries! Let’s get into the kick off post: Tell the Story of Your Favorite Summer Memory.

This one is hard for me to answer off top. I literally have several fave summer memories from childhood to adulthood. While I could list summers of fun, my absolute fave moment would have to go to Summer ’13. The summer of 2013 was really a defining moment in my life. It wasn’t all fun and games. I struggled a lot with growing up and maturing specifically with my relationship with Christ. I came out of that summer and stepped into the call of my life. 

My fave memory was with my best friend Natalie. My bestie and I went to a karaoke bar and had a blast. When I got to her house to drop her off we started talking. She had just graduated NYU and I had just dropped the bomb to all my loved ones that I wasn’t graduating on time. We sat in that car talking about our college experiences and where we wanted to go in life. I had worked really hard to become a better person and the one person who had been through it all with me was there reassuring me that she could see my growth. 

She may not even remember this moment. But being saved isn’t always easy. I had dedicated my life to Christ and was working to live Christ-like. I didn’t need approval but I honestly left that conversation so encouraged because someone who knew me acknowledged my growth. On top of the encouragement, the night was so much fun. Not to mention, I was slaying. #yas 

We danced. We sang. And we shared. What better way to have summer fun.

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