I just want to be confident…

Welcome back to 21 Days of Summer. One of my favorite scriptures is Hebrews 10:35. It says, “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.” I’ve actually written about this scripture before. The scripture is a reminder of the reward of faith. God has been working with me a lot about my faith. I feel myself being drawn to trust him more and more. My spiritual goal this summer is to exercise more confidence in God. 

I had a conversation with my husband a few weeks ago about my confidence in Christ. As I sat trying to explain myself to Tony I felt totally convicted. I waited in prayer for the life I have now. I was focused on working and ministry but I privately prayed in confidence for God to send me my mate. Abstinence was a #faithstruggle for me that caused me to operate in faith in every aspect of my life. Now, on the other end of dating and motherhood, I can honestly say that my #faithstruggle is learning how to trust God with the small things all over again. 

I still have confidence in Christ’s ability. I’ve seen him do too much to doubt him now. But, I do think that sometimes I feel that my problems now are so minute that I shouldn’t bring them to God. For example, I struggled with ear infections this past month, and I just muddled through the motions of medicine. During my faith struggle, I was more accustomed to bringing every thing about my body into submission with God. (I couldn’t have survived abstinence without this practice.) Yes, even colds had to answer to my faith. 

My prayer life looks different now. I still intercede but I have found that I pray for myself a lot less. I’m having to learn to confidence in Christ all over. When I say confidence I don’t mean just saying a prayer. I mean knowing with everything in me that God will do it because I have made my request known. Confidence is the added step of faith. It’s more than routines and surface appearances. Confidence is personal. 

What are your spiritual goals? Tell me and use the hashtag #goldenfabulou

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