The Almost Nothing Summer Make-Up Look

Hey Sirens!

Today’s prompt is another one of my faves. I have had an obsession with makeup ever since my mom bought my first makeup bag at 16. I have definitely matured from the full face of bright colors I used to wear; partly due to time and partly due to laziness. Now, I have a staple look. It requires 5 products that I love and live by, including a foundation by Becca that I swap out in the summer. During those summer days when the sun is so hot it almost seems blasphemous to wear makeup, the five products below are still light enough for a cool but polished finish.

So here’s my go-to summer look:

I use NARS Velvet Matte Tint in the shade Seychelles. It’s light but has a really nice finish. It’s not nearly as thick as foundation but it melts into the skin. It’s basically a moisturizer. This is my replacement for the cooler months when I use Becca Cosmetics Foundation.I use a MAC Cosmetics blush in the shade Raizin for both a contour and some color on my cheeks.

I wore the same bronzer/highlight (MAC Cosmetics Mineralized SkinFinish in Gold Deposit) from 2008 up until my wedding when I switched to the shade Cheeky Bronze. I literally put this stuff all over my face in the summer. It adds a glow without making my face greasy. Some days, I forego all the other products and just wear this on my face for a natural pop. If I was stuck on an island, this bronzer is a product I would have to have.

I watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model and Tyra Banks suggested wearing a lighter shade concealer to one of the models with big eyes. She said it would brighten the eye since there was an overcast from the model’s eyes on her face. I literally went and bought a lighter concealer that month and have been hooked ever since. But then, I stumbled upon this foundation and I decided to try it as a concealer. I don’t know why, but I love the finish of this product under my eyes. I used to have really bad creasing. I don’t know if it is because it is a smoothing foundation or what, but I crease so much less with this product even when I don’t set it with a powder. This is one of those random products that work.

Last, but certainly not least, MASCARA! A girl with eyes as big as mine has to have her mascara game on point. I am a sucker for all things Benefit when it comes to mascara. I swore by their Bad Gal Lash for years and recently I have gotten hooked on the They’re Real mascara. I ball on a budget and get their mini bottle and it fits perfectly in whatever purse I carry.

I’m not picky with the lip in the summer. Whatever color is closest to my hand goes on the lip; but the five products above are non-negotiable. And if you noticed that there are no products for my brows, that’s because I don’t do my brows. This trend of having thick, dark brows just doesn’t tickle my fancy. I have naturally thin eyebrows and after 26 years of living with them, I have come to peace. When I try to fill them in I feel like I walk around looking shocked. I’m naturally dramatic and expressive, I don’t need the brows. Lolbvs

What is your summer look like? Do you use any of the same products as me? Let me know below!

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