The Confidence Quest

One of the things that I learned from both my grandfather, Apostle Richard Henton, and my spiritual mother, Denise Perry Abrams, is that my ministry starts with my own deliverance. I can only give to you guys what God gives me. Out of my own need, God has given me something that I truly believe all women should experience. I am so pleased to announce this project because I know it is truly from the mouth of God!

Pregnancy, for me, was a trip. While I didn’t have any complications, I struggled with losing my ability to have Body Sovereignty. During my pregnancy and after giving birth to my daughter, I battled with comparing myself to my old self. Where I was once bold, I found myself struggling to be confident. Insecurity opened the door to so many other areas of lost confidence. Suddenly, my past, my body, my abilities all became a point of frustration. I won’t take credit for searching the word of God. If I can be transparent, my insecurities caused me to argue with my husband. If I can be even more real, insecurity caused me to be lazy with my gift of writing. If I just bare it all, insecurity made me question if I should even continue the worship team I sing with after returning to church postpartum.

Struggling in all the areas that I know God gave me, my marriage, my gift and my worship, that is why I went to the Lord. And what I got from the Bible reminded me that God loves us so much. The Confidence Quest is a workbook specifically designed for women who want to see God in their life. This journey is meant to help you see yourself as God sees you. While I can’t know the specific journey of your life, I do know that there are areas that God speaks to in his word that apply to all of us.

God gave me seven devotions; each on a different topic of insecurity. However, the workbook is not just the devotions. There are activities, prayer journal pages, two coloring pages, and a sticker sheet. As I designed the workbook, God poured creativity into me. There are nearly 10 inspirational graphic pages on top of the journal and the activities. Working on this project has been so exciting because I felt God’s providence for what I needed to battle the enemy.

For weeks now, I have been repeating these scriptures to myself. I am so excited for you guys to see this project. Get your Confidence Quest on preorder.

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