I’ve recently observed a trend in my personal spirit walk. Just before the release of any spiritual work I do (100 Days of Excellence, most recently The Confidence Quest) the enemy attacks me in ways I can’t explain. As a result, I hunker down and start finding “things” to do. I avoid the internet, which in turn becomes me avoiding my phone; which inevitably becomes me avoiding people. If I’m being real, what sometimes has been spiritual preparation has also just been busyness 🤷🏽‍♀️ #transparency. 

I get sidetracked trying to sustain. 

I go from intense Bible study to barely reading my daily scriptures in my Youversion app. I stop praying for revelation and start praying that God give me a break. It didn’t dawn on me until now that maybe the devil’s plan wasn’t to stop the release of my project, just to slow up my enthusiasm and hinder my intimacy with God. The devil can’t stop what God ordains. So, he just gets me focused on the battle, so I’ll miss attending the larger war. A brilliant example of what I have done is in Game of Thrones (yes, I went there). If you don’t want to read me fangirling, skip to the next paragraph. #spoileralert In the season finale, Cerxes is soooooo focused on being enemies with the threat she thinks is important, that she’s about to abandon the only war that will ever matter. She thinks she’s protecting her family. But, she is about to face an army with A ZOMBIE DRAGON. And instead of excepting the reality of The Great War, she wants to fight for petty wins. I’m Cerxes y’all lol well in theory…

I’ve been scrambling to protect everything in my grasp instead of fighting the real fight. I used to think warfare during these moments in my life was “watching and praying.” Now I know I have to GO AND POSSESS THE LAND. When the enemy threatens me with distraction, I have to push past the moment and the immediate enemy of my time and go forward to fighting the greater threat. What’s the greater threat? A moment without the intensity of God’s presence. When God gives me something like the Confidence Quest, it comes from constant study of the Word. As I prepare for 100 Days of Excellence, I’m fervently seeking the direction God is taking his people. THAT is when the enemy starts throwing blows; right when I intensify my intimacy with God. Instead of hunkering down, I should be suiting up and fighting back by spending more time in my purpose. 

I can’t get back the time I spent focused on the wrong fight. I can’t get a refund on praying God just got me through the test and exchange it for prayers that he equip me. Time is non-refundable. But in the words of Auntie Maxine. I’m reclaiming my time. My sister shared a video with me and I wanna share it with you. Stop fighting the enemies you can see. If you stay focused on the little stuff, you’ll miss the real war happening the war between the enemy and your intimacy with Christ. Maybe it’s just me who keeps failing the test of intimacy over intimidation. If I’m the person who needed to get it I promise that’s enough for me. But if you’re the one who needed this too, join me in the Great War! Take up arms with me and declare that all the time the enemy tried to take away from you with distractions is reclaimed by the Blood of the Lamb. 

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